Quick Start Packages

Quick Start Packages

We offer comprehensive consulting services for custom Salesforce implementations that meet your unique business needs. Our experienced global Salesforce consultants follow a hands-on approach to study your company and its process, future visions and ensure the best suited and sustainable implementation when building your salesforce tool. If you are project managing your own implementation or working with an implementation partner, use our expert service to drive success.

A trusted strategic adviser at CloudAress can help you:

Objective - Sales Cloud Quickstart Package delivers the optimal set up and configurations for Sales Cloud of Salesforce.com. This is applicable for any suitable edition that your organization has purchased and will help your organization to scale & drive your business to the next level.

Excellent service at no extra cost.

We have expanded our Salesforce team to such a level, we can now facilitate 1:1's and you will receive a call from one of our Salesforce Project Managers. They will analyse your business requirements in detail and carry out a fit-gap analysis with respect to the Salesforce package that you have purchased.

We will work closely with your internal Account team in Salesforce to ensure a successful project together.

At the end of our first meeting, we will have a clear understanding of the configurations we will be implementing in your Salesforce CRM. We call this Field Mapping. Within this meeting we will need your Business Analysts/Key users to share their business requirements with us and also validate our understanding. Following implementation, we will follow up with a personal visit from a Salesforce Trainer to carry out a ½ day or full day training with your key team members.

**One month follow up Health Check**

After your initial free 30-day support package, we will arrange a meeting at your offices to see how your Salesforce CRM is working for you and spend valuable hours going through it with you and your team members.

Salesforce Lead management process drives your sales pipeline and streamlines your sales process. It also automates lead generation and tracking process to ensure that leads are never dropped. Your Sales team has instant visibility to the latest prospects.

Implementation of Lead Management includes:

Account and contact management will help you get a complete picture of your customers with everything you need in one place-including key accounts and contacts, account history, customer communications, and internal account discussions.

Followings will be delivered as a part of Account and Contact Management implementation:

Manage all your opportunities, create quotes and stay connected to the people and information you need to close every sale, from anywhere.

We will deliver the following as a part of setting up opportunity management process:

Create campaigns and track them to measure campaign effectiveness.

Following work is in scope as part of Campaign Management set up:

Reports and dashboards are key to driving success and adoption for any CRM project. They provide the users a view of past and current performance.

As a part of this package we will create custom reports (upto 10 in number) and dashboard components (upto 2).

Profiles (different functions in an organization) and Roles control the level of visibility that users have into your organization's data. This is key to a successful CRM system in terms of data security and level of access. We will study your business process and role hierarchy and help to have the right roles and profiles in the system.

As a part of this we will take up following activities:

We will migrate your existing data into Salesforce CRM

We will provide you with End user and Admin Training to bring your staff up-to-speed with the usage of Salesforce.com. This will also help you with quick user adoption of Salesforce system.

Following implementation, you will receive full on-site training with your key team members at your premises. This will consist of one 1/2 day or one full day depending upon your requirements.

Total Estimated Project Cost


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  • 3 years, 50+ Salesforce

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  • Agile and dedicated
    development teams

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  • ISO Certified Company

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  • Sales Cloud, Service Cloud,
    Marketing Cloud, App Cloud,
    Pardot, FSL specialist

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  • Experienced Platform
    Developer II, SCRUM,
    PMP professionals

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  • A Silver Consulting Partner
    with Salesforce.com

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