4 Reasons for the fast growth of Salesforce in the CRM market

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When it comes to the growth of a company, it depends a lot on the number of sales that it completes. But just by reaching out to customers with the product or the service is not enough to make a company profitable and successful. Success in a business can only be possible with careful and systematic evaluation of the leads that are gathered, and then these leads are converted to sales, which in turn will bring in loyal customers. This is what customer relationship management is all about. Salesforce is a CRM software that provides one of the best CRM services in the world of business.

Salesforce CRM offers everything that is needed to make faster sales and enhance the growth speed of a business. It was developed to help organizations to function efficiently and generate profits, while bringing in a reduction in the cost of managing hardware infrastructure.

Why Salesforce CRM is the fastest growing CRM in the market

  1. Steady and Sustained Growth: According to the reports of Gartner, the overall Global CRM Software market had a value of 20.4 billion USD. Salesforce tops the list with a contribution of 16% of the overall market share of the CRM software. Salesforce concentrates more on Support and Subscription to generate an exponential amount of revenue. 94% of the revenue comes from Subscription while only 6% revenue is being generated by Salesforce through its services. This results in a constant currency inflow and a deferred revenue growth every year.

  2. Long-term Vision and Its Execution: Salesforce comes with a long-term vision of being the leading CRM software. Its highly capable execution has helped it to maintain the leading position for 4 years after Gartner titled it as the leading CRM software.

  3. Smart and Strategic Acquisitions: Salesforce follows a very strategic acquisition policy to increase its enhanced capabilities. They have been successful in several strategic acquisitions since the year 2006. These acquisitions have helped Salesforce CRM Software to build a highly broadened marketing ecosystem. They add critical value to the position of Salesforce software.

  4. Diversified Products and Offerings: With the SaaS approach of Salesforce, and the on-demand proficiency of the software, it helps to reduce the customer’s cost by providing a common networking, software and hardware platform. With the various SaaS offerings like Salesforce Chatter, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud applications, they help the customers improve sales and enable enhanced communication. These diverse and varied offerings and products, Salesforce is working towards a strong and growing future while other CRM software companies are trying to get into such products.

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