Why Accounting is better with FinancialForce

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Across industrial domains, technology is disrupting business processes. Consulting companies are frequently called upon to help organizations harness the power of the latest technological developments. Imagine operating your core financial processes/functions including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, revenue recognition, and invoicing on the same Salesforce cloud platform you use to run your sales, and services operations – Welcome to Financial Cloud which helps to do just that.

FinancialForce combines the power of the Salesforce App Cloud with a groundbreaking cloud accounting system design. The result is an economical solution that goes well beyond basic bookkeeping and transaction processing, hatching a new generation of financial management products.

Here are 7 reasons why you may want to consider FinancialForce for your accounting needs.

  1. Building a customer-centric business - FinancialForce gives your Sales and Services team complete visibility of financial transactions, account balances, and other important critical data. This further helps in improving customer satisfaction, and your finance team will have less interruptions in their day-to-day working.
  2. Make accountability guaranteed - With all your opportunities, quotes, cash receipts, and general ledger entries linked together in the same database, auditors can perform their transactions by simply clicking from record to record. They can also see the business process from end-to-end with all the explanatory backups.
  3. Access finances whenever and wherever - With your financial management system running on the Salesforce Platform, finance teams can access data anywhere and anytime using Salesforce1 mobile app used for CRM data. It is smart, secure, and designed for the modern worker.
  4. Accelerate cash flow - For chasing down outstanding payments, one can leverage the strong business relationships formed during the sales process and tap the right person to be your most effective debt collector. Ultimately, the sales team gets full view of payment status and customer account balances via Salesforce Chatter on specific invoices, credit notes and cases to resolve disputes.
  5. Get enterprise-class data security - Salesforce provides a world-class data infrastructure, protecting business-critical and highly confidential data for many of the world’s largest organizations. Utilizing Salesforce Platform grants your data the same protection, including data center security controls, and data privacy certifications.
  6. Make more informed decisions - With FinancialForce Financial Management, you can embed tasks and capture conversations across your organization, giving everyone the information, they need to make good decisions. The platform automatically keeps entire conversations and tasks attached to a single customer record, so instead of lost data points you boost visibility and collaboration.
  7. Generate enterprise- wide insights - With finances on the Salesforce Platform, individuals can generate their own insightful reports from system-wide data. Further, FinancialForce Action Views allow you to perform ad hoc queries, save views as mission critical key performance indicators (KPIs), and drill into any data source—because it is all on the same platform.

Our diverse credentials and extensive expertise allow us to comprehensively audit your firm and implement FinancialForce solutions. We listen to you and then provide custom solutions to drive competences and enhance processes in the back office. If you would like to see how FinancialForce can transform your business, reach out and let us know. We are here to help.

You can write to me at himanshu.chate@aress.com and for more info, please visit us at - www.aress.com

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