How Salesforce Lightning is a Big Leap in User Experience?

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Before we dive right into how Salesforce Lightning Development is a huge gamechanger when it comes to user experience, let’s talk a little bit about the company that started it all. Salesforce Lightning Development was started by Salesforce. Salesforce, an American company, is an organization which has been extremely innovative when it comes to understanding new trends in terms of customer experience enhancements. They have been quick to adjust to the new move towards ease of access when it comes to the digital world. Many organizations fail to match and stay up to date with emerging patterns in innovation. Salesforce, on the other hand, has been one step ahead in giving its customers what they need, to work flawlessly in their business.

The Salesforce Lightning Development is a savvy innovation by Salesforce and one which we will explore in this article. The Salesforce Lightning Development provides customers with a flexible and seamless experience through its interface system, streamlined method of operations, and an intuitive understanding of what a specific customer requires. The updated version of Salesforce Lightning Development makes working a much easier process. The application system is more proficient and more straightforward. Using the Salesforce Lightning Development, customers can change designs, gadgets, dashboards, applications, icons, tabs and more to see the information most basic to them, more rapidly and more efficiently without any glitches. This saves time and energy on the part of the customer. They need not stress themselves over data they require.

The Salesforce Lightning Development has about 150 new elements, and around 55 Sales cloud pages. The Salesforce Lightning Development has a wealth of data stored in it which makes knowledge readily available to users. This information becomes useful when it comes to real-world application. Numerous highlights that are not accessible in the Classic variant of Salesforce are available in Salesforce Lightning Development.

Another important feature of Salesforce Lightning Development which is really bringing about a change when it comes to user experience is its Lightning Voice feature. The feature empowers the business work force to associate with the clients and forthcoming clients within the cloud. Customers can make and get calls; alongside taking notes and logging these calls in the meantime. Clients can even utilize their cell phones for this reason and lightning works just fine on cell phones as well.

Steelbrick CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is another feature of Salesforce Lightning Development which breaks down complex business processes into easy procedures. Offers, discounts, quotations etc can all be processed using the Steelbrick CPQ feature. Salesforce and Microsoft have tied up, and this has been another boon for users when it comes to user experience. Users can now access Lightning from MS Outlook. Your Contacts and important data like planners etc stored within Salesforce can be accessed on Microsoft Office 365 with Lightning sync.

The advantages of Salesforce Lightning Development are that even those who are a novice when it comes to handling technical issues can do so with ease. Applications can be created easily to improve customer experience and simplify difficult processes. It’s a much better world out there in terms of customer experience with Salesforce Lightning Development in the picture.

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