Top 5 Tips From Best CRM Development Company In India

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software suit of applications that drive enhanced customer experiences and manage customer interactions with the prospects and existing ones. Powered with multiple benefits, CRM software enables you to increase business efficiency, increase ROI and profit margins, retain existing customers and induct new ones.

Consider this, 79% of marketing leads fall over in the absence of an effective CRM system. The key of a successful CRM implementation is primarily driven by three parameters;

  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of Sales or Customer Service operation of the company
  • Improved Analytics for management and leadership team
  • High adoption by the user community.

As a Salesforce Development Company with proven results, here are 5 tips to enhance your ROI with Salesforce CRM.

  1. Go MOBILE
    Your sales team need to be with customer to close deals, not in the office. Enable them with a CRM that runs efficiently on mobile. So that the sales guy can do his work at anytime from anywhere. That’s the real power of a mobile CRM.

  2. Cut down infrastructural complexity
    In today’s world technology has evolved to make itself available to everyone. Cloud computing and API has let everyone experience the power of simplicity. Technology is no more a privilege of large enterprises only.

    Choose a CRM that runs on cloud and can be integrated with other enterprise applications, public or private, using API.

  3. Scaling is important
    Choose a CRM that is highly scalable and, preferably, follows as “pay as you go” pricing model. That de-risks your business a lot, by reducing the upfront investment. Also, it is always wise, to select one that is highly customisable and has adequate plug-ins available for quick customization.

  4. Ensure adoption
    A successful adoption is an outcome of a smart implementation. It is important to choose your implementor carefully and also ensure that the key stakeholders from user community and management are deeply engaged throughout the implementation phases, especially during requirement gathering and user testing.

  5. Think maintenance
    Change is constant. Your business process always evolves; with time, with size, with geographical expansions, with changing legalities, regulations. Even the smartest CRM implementation need to change with time to keep it relevant. So, it is always wise to ensure that the CRM implementation experts are always at your disposal whenever needed; be it an unfortunate discovery of a system glitch, or a change that need to be incorporated in the system urgently. In most cases the cost is worth compared to a downtime cost.

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