When Salesforce meets Healthcare

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In today's world, the Healthcare industry is realizing the importance of consumerism. Patients are expecting higher levels of service, especially since they are the ones, paying for it. Like many other industries, healthcare is evolving to meet the demands of the digital age. From the tools that track patient data to developing apps that streamline office visits and test results, there is a significant demand worldwide for Consulting Partners offering Healthcare CRM solutions and experienced resources.

Salesforce entered into the industry of healthcare with Health Cloud, a web-based CRM platform focusing on patient relationship management and improved patient experience. Some of its main features include connectivity between caregivers and patients and making healthcare seamless.

Know how Salesforce can improve patient experience:

  • Connecting Patients with healthcare providers
    This can encompass real-time communication to deliver better customer satisfaction for every single patient. It also helps in case monitoring, task prioritization and information segmentation.
  • 360-degree view of patient data
    Caregivers can gain a deeper insight into every case and, consequently, make effective patient care decisions.
  • Real-time updates & communication
    Efficient scheduling together with consultation, procedures via phone, email, and live chat improve both practitioner productivity and consumer experience.
  • Analytics
    Through targeted approaches to patients, calculated risks, and unique care plans for every patient empowers clinicians.

As an IT Consulting and Software development company, Aress works with many government agencies and enterprise-level clients offering healthcare solutions. Our Salesforce team led by individuals having deep experience in Healthcare and consulting. We believe in Industry best practices and tested roadmap to success. We combine real-world healthcare knowledge with profound Salesforce experience.

Contact us to know how Aress is making big strides in the healthcare domain. Visit us at www.aress.com or email us at info@aress.com

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