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For businesses dealing with a B2B process, it is important to make the right investment in a product/service to eventually make sure that it's marketing activities are yielding the maximum output. Thanks to Pardot, the B2B marketing automation tool built on Salesforce, businesses can run personalized marketing journeys with their prospects, leading to better visibility into the sales pipeline and faster closure of sales.

Pardot brings your marketing and sales teams together, generating meaningful insights through AI and helping you identify which of your customers are ready to buy, so that they can be contacted at the right time, in the right way, with the right service.

Lead Management - Helps you grade your leads using segmentation based on source, campaign, etc. and nurture them with dynamic content

Engagement Studio - Helps you engage your prospects with intuitive content through customized landing pages and personalized emails

Performance Reporting - Helps you track and manage campaign performance through reports and dashboards, further realizing better ROI

Moreover, there is a seamless integration of Pardot with your Salesforce CRM; helping you have centralized access to all your customers' data within the Salesforce platform.

At Aress, we have been helping businesses manage complete end-to-end journeys for their customers by leveraging the Salesforce platform in pursuance with their business requirements; thus enhancing the way they communicate with their customers and eventually drive more business through effective "Sales & Marketing" collaboration.

For more information on our Pardot and Salesforce services, please visit us or contact us on info@aress.com

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