10 Highlights from Salesforce Connections 2018

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Chicago witnessed the Salesforce Connection 2018 that attracted thousands of Salesforce enthusiasts, who lead the customer interface across marketing, development and Salesforce Consulting Services. With the advancement of technology, Salesforce is integrating more features to make it more customer and business oriented. Opening new innovative channels for its customers, Salesforce is offering more customization for businesses to take care of day to day activates.

As the business methodologies are changing, businesses require a more intelligent platform that can help them grow. Salesforce Connections 2018, Chicago witnessed the key speakers highlight the upcoming updates.


  1. Innovative personalization:
    Salesforce’s new focus is on offering personalization to both B2B and B2C customers so that their customers can look beyond products and engage with the business in a more rewarding manner. With these changes in the goals of the business, Salesforce is modifying the way it offers an engagement platform for business and customers. Maybe that’s why Salesforce Consulting Services are in higher demand these days.

  2. Customer service experience improvisation:
    With the customers becoming more demanding, customer service is a major force that is driving business. Salesforce is working to incorporate intelligence into its apps to make customer service much more advanced like with the Einstein Bots.

  3. Expanding the marketing with intelligence:
    The Marketing cloud innovation initiative will help the brand build their authority by connecting with an audience in a more meaningful manner. It is the intelligent marketing that is bringing more business. Salesforce is taking newer initiatives to make business win the customers by clear having insights into customer shopping behavior.

  4. Integrating B2B and B2C:
    Customers are shopping anywhere now. They are transparent to B2B and B2C channels now and Salesforce is emphasizing on bridging the gap between the customer engagements with B2B and B2C models. So before you get into the market, sit down with your Salesforce Consultants and inspect the market insights and stats.

  5. Multiple-touch points for customers:
    Salesforce is taking initiatives to serve the customers of 2020. As the customer expectations are changing, the business needs to establish multiple touch points to connect with customers. This feature will for sure enhance the brand presence of the business.

  6. Integration of multiple services:
    It could prove an amazing initiative to bring self-service, field service, customer service, Digital engagement, Service Cloud Einstein and service cloud essentials. And to your surprise, it may lead to a 32% increase in customer satisfaction.

  7. Service cloud brings systems and devices together:
    Salesforce Consultants confirm that the businesses using Salesforce are doing great at present. The reason is new Salesforce, which brings communities, service, commerce, marketing, sales, collaboration, and industries together for building more comprehensive business and customer model.

  8. Multi-device services:
    Offering personalized services for customers on their preferred channels like company App, Web app, social media and mobile messaging with smart bots.

  9. Personalized engagement with two way mobile messaging:
    With SMS & Facebook messaging the salesforce focuses on decreasing cost per acquisitions and run conversational campaigns utilizing the marketing cloud.

  10. Service clouds for every business size:
    Offering 360-degree view of the entire business operations, Service cloud instantly allows setting up a platform that is interactive and supports every business size. But before you begin, make sure you had a good overview of how things will work for you. If you do not have an idea, Salesforce Consulting Services can be utilized.

    Salesforce Connection 2018 witnessed the expansion of Salesforce capabilities in harmony with changing customer demands. Collaborating marketing data, external data, salesforce data, event and device data for 76% more trust between customers and business.

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